Nikolaj Jungersen


D.O.P. & Colorgrader

“Nikolaj considers his greatest job as a D.O.P making the director´s vision shine and transform that into stunning visuals. He has years of practical experience with everything from filming on skis down some of Europe´s meanest pists, to shooting inside studios, to capturing the Orange Feeling.

He has a passion for handheld camera work and the freedom it gives you — to move and adapt quicker and feed off of the energy from the action. He loves working under unpredictable conditions and the challenge of making something great out of very little.

Nikolaj is a true camera nerd and his enthusiasm and can-do attitude always rubs off on the rest of the team.

He has been the backbone of Playground since the beginning of time. Back then, in 2008, it was called RAD Film and solely produced ski and adventure films. Nikolaj literally started his photographing days on the top of a mountain, but it´s only gone up hill from then.”

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