N.C. Sixhøj


Production Manager

“N.C. is the oil that makes the Playground engine run smoothly. He´s tried many different production roles throughout the years, but found his calling as a production manager. And there´s not the production he hasn´t managed — everything from commercials, to kids shows, to game developing.

He´s been tackling the Playground since 2018 and is better known as the Budget King. In fact he´s very fond of solving budgeting and production challenges.

N.C.´s main focus is on making the pre-production and production run with optimum efficiency. He understands the art of leading the team through production and make sure everyone delivers a 110%. He gets a kick out of seeing everything fall into place, but also to provide the right conditions for all the departments to work together and perform.

He is not afraid of hard work and is always one step ahead — anticipating the next need.”

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