Kasper Kiertzner



“Kasper is a director with a versatile resume. His passion is working with people and portraying their stories through the film media.

Whether he´s making commercial work or a documentary his baseline is always looking at who the film is for and about, and tries to immerse himself in their world to gain insight.

What characterizes Kasper´s work is how he really sees people and bring them into the story.

His style is very human, loud and energetic. He utilizes the energy from the actors or participants and puts it back into the film — creating a synergy and a connection between the film and the people.

Kasper has been creating fantastic stories with Playground since 2014, and in 2018 he debuted with his feature length documentary “Stor Som En Sol”about the Danish band The Minds of 99, which came out in cinemas across Denmark.”

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