Buster Marker Jønsson


Director & Editor

“Buster is a man of many talents. He specializes in directing and editing, but also has a knack for sound design and music composing.

After working at a couple different ad agencies, he settled in with the Playground fam in 2017.

Buster is a major film buff and appreciates everything from Asian cinema to classic Hollywood blockbusters (no pun intended). He´s always up to date on the newest film trends and movements and love the epic and cinematic.

His own aesthetic is dark and somewhat experimental. He´s not afraid of challenging his audience and makes it a virtue not to underestimate them intellectually. He wants to entertain and appeal to his audience and not just make things for himself.

Working with Playground he´s directed commercials, fashion films and music videos. What characterizes Buster´s films is his work with rhythm, as both sound and music is at the core of his toolbox.”

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