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We are Playground Production. We are a creative full-service video agency. We work as an integrated unit with many elements and people in-house to best handle your project from start to finish. From creative concept development to casting, prep, production and through post, we take your product or service and translate it into engaging content. That’s what we love, what gets us up in the morning and what we’re really good at.


We work with both Advertising Agencies, Fortune 500 companies, Creative Start-ups and dedicated non-profits. What matters to us is translating your company’s ideas, products or dreams into a compelling, shareable form. Our experience, great ideas and technical expertise have allowed us to work for renowned brands like TDC, Microsoft, Red Bull, Mazda, COOP, Arla and Danske Spil among many others.

“Pain is temporary – film is forever”


Solkongen – Minds of 99

Kasper Kiertzner

BR – Julefilm 2017

Kristian Ussing

COOP Brugskæderne – I dag i Danmark

Kasper Kiertzner

TDC Erhverv – Ubegrænset Samarbejde

Kristian Ussing

CPH 2021 – World Pride

Kasper Kiertzner


Kasper Kiertzner

Microsoft – Work Smarter

Kristian Ussing

Opel – Malenes Verden

Kasper Kiertzner

dbramante1928 – The Promise

Buster Jønsson

Gintberg reder verden

Buster Jønsson

Danske Spil – Vejrudsigten

Benjamin Beckett

Tour de France – Grand Depárt Cph

Kasper Kiertzner

Ski Football –

Kristian Ussing

Microsoft – The Playground Story

Kristian Ussing

Microsoft Project – Work Smarter

Kristian Ussing

Copenhagen – VisitDenmark

Kasper Kiertzner

Alex Porsing – Upside Down

Mazda Happydogs

Kristian Ussing

Skullcandy – Alexander Risvad

The Perfect Man – Trailer

Kasper Kiertzner

The Team

  • Kristian Ussing

    Head Honcho

    Kristian is the boss, main writer and director at Playground.

    • Jon Bager


      Jon is our chief producer and the backbone of Playground.

      • Kasper Kiertzner


        Kasper directs and writes some of our best work here at Playground.

        • Nikolaj Jungersen


          Nikolaj is the other of our two main DoPs. His visual style has become a Playground Trademark.

          • Jonas Møller


            Jonas is one of Playgrounds two main DoPs. His visuals make our films come to life.

            • Buster Jønsson

              Editor / New Director

              Buster is a creative squid. He can edit, write, compose and he is also our new aspiring director.

              • Veronica Tromborg

                Production Manager

                Veronica makes sure all our productions run as smoothly as a well oiled dolphin.

                • You here?


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